Addressing Racial Crisis: Faithful Steps Forward at Religion Communication Congress 2020

Religion Communication Congress 2020 (RCCongress 2020) is less than a month away! This convention provides opportunities for you to learn cutting edge strategies and skills through hands-on opportunities, academic and applied research, practical workshops, and thoughtful plenaries.

On Friday Rev. Jim Wallis, Rev. Thomas L. Bowen, and Rev. Emily “Michelle” Ledder will participate in a panel discussion about facing implicit racial bias within ministries, communities, and society at large.

Rev. Jim Wallis

Rev. Jim Wallis is a globally respected writer, teacher, preacher, justice advocate, regular international commentator on ethics and public life, and mentor for a new generation. He is a New York Times bestselling author of twelve books, including “America’s Original Sin,” “God’s Politics,” “The Great Awakening,” and “The Call to Conversion.”

Wallis is the Founder, President, and Editor-In-Chief of Sojourners. He served on President Obama’s White House Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and has taught faith and public life courses at Harvard and Georgetown University.


Stories from around the globe are represented among 2020 Wilbur Award winners

Religion Communicators Council honors 23 for work during 2019

Stained glass Wilbur Award trophyNEW YORK — CBS News, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Al Jazeera English, Los Angeles Times and several other contributors both locally and internationally have won recognition from the Religion Communicators Council for faith-related reporting.

The Religion Communicators Council announced 23 Wilbur Award winners for work completed in 2019. Among this year’s winners are a number of pieces that highlight stories from around the world or were produced internationally. Such winners include “Wrapped in Love,” the Toronto based radio documentary winner from Tapestry on CBC Radio, and “Life & Soul,” the Dublin based winner in the TV & Cable documentary category by Scratch Films for RTÉ. The Associated Press won in two categories, one for a breathtaking photo essay depicting recent crackdowns by the Indian government in the largely Muslim Kashmir region.

Other Wilbur winners include New York Time Bestseller, “The Dearly Beloved,” published by Simon and Schuster; “Bipartisan Prayer,” a TV interview by CBS Face the Nation; and a magazine essay published by Emergence Magazine, “On the Road with Thomas Merton.”


New study on spirituality to be unveiled at Religion Communication Congress 2020

The Fetzer Institute, in partnership with Hattaway Communications, will unveil initial insights and findings from a groundbreaking survey on spirituality in America at the March 17-21, 2020, Religion Communication Congress 2020 (RCCongress 2020).

The survey brings people’s spiritual lives to light by reflecting how people experience and practice spirituality within and outside traditional religions. The survey will also show how Americans’ spirituality may inform their prosocial and civic behavior. The institute is also exploring how religious institutions are igniting meaningful conversation with this in mind.

“We hope by better understanding how people describe, nurture and practice their spirituality, that we can tell better stories about the many ways spirituality impacts our relationships to ourselves and others and connects us to our world,” said Gillian Gonda, program director of engagement at Fetzer. Gonda will be one of the presenters of the survey along with Veronica Selzler of Hattaway Communications. The Fetzer Institute partnered with Hattaway to conduct the study.


Religion Communication Congress 2020 explores LGBTQI and religious rights

Balancing LGBTQI and Religious Freedom RightsIs there a culture war between the LGBTQI and faith-based communities? Is the only option a zero-sum game where one side wins, and the other loses their civil or religious rights? The founders of the United States thought so highly of religious freedom they made it one of the cornerstones of the Constitution. If they were writing that document today, would that still be the case? Come to the Religion Communication Congress 2020 (RCCongress 2020) and join a lively panel discussion of LGBTQI and religious liberty advocates who will discuss this important issue and search for a common ground solution that can be fair for all Americans.


Religion Communication Congress 2020 presents faith advocacy in D.C.

Professional religious communicators work hard to make a difference. How can an effective communications program be an integral part of the advocacy work faith-based organizations do on Capitol Hill? From one-on-one lobbying efforts to applying public pressure to harnessing the power of social media, learn more about how people of faith can – and do – make an impact on public policy. Gain practical knowledge you can apply to your own organization’s communications strategy.

On Saturday morning, March 21, the Religion Communication Congress will bring advocates from D.C. faith organizations together with social media experts to describe how advocacy works, both in person and in the digital sphere. Persons who have spent time on both the giving and receiving ends of this work will discuss best practices, what can be successful, and what does not work.

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