Life Members

Paul Brink

The energetic Paul Brink lives in Media, Pa.. He helped lead the Philadelphia RCC chapter for many years. He originally began his RCC membership with the D.C. chapter in the 1970s.

Peter Hewitt

Peter HewittBorn in London, England, Peter Hewitt's childhood was greatly influenced by the ravages of World War II and especially the constant bombing by the German aircraft. A deep faith grew from these circumstances and they have constantly shaped his life.

Thomas S. McAnally

Tom McAnallyTom McAnally, a retired staff member of United Methodist Communications, served in several elected positions with the Nashville Chapter of RCC and was national president of the former Religious Public Relations Council for two years (1988-1990). He also edited the national Counselor newsletter and was deeply involved in planning national conventions held in Nashville.

Thomas Slack

Tom SlackFor Tom Slack, becoming a communicator was an "on the job" learning experience made possible with the help of four mentors. One of them also invited him to the Religious Communications Congress '90 in Nashville, Tenn.

James C. “Jim” Suggs

Jim SuggsJames C. “Jim” Suggs has been a member of the Religious Public Relations Council and its succesor organizations since 1960. He served as national president and president of three local chapters, and edited the first edition of the council’s Religious Public Relations Handbook.

Fred Swartz

Fred SwartzFred Swartz served on the executive committee of RCC (aka RPRC) for five+ years in the 1970s and 80s. He was the first editor of the RPRC newsletter and helped to edit and write for the first Religious PR Handbook. At the time he served with RPRC he was coordinator of the communications and stewardship units of the Church of the Brethren (COB) denominational staff. He left the COB staff in 1983 to resume his calling as a congregational pastor and is now retired.


In Memoriam

Lois J. Anderson

Lois J. AndersonDuring her active years in religion communication, Lois J. Anderson was a writer, editor, producer, trainer and administrator devoted to non-profit public service communication from 1953 to 2000 in New York City.

Charles De Vries

Charles De VriesShortly after beginning duties in 1957 as a staff writer for the National Lutheran Council News Bureau in Washington, D.C., Charles De Vries joined the local Religious Public Relations Council chapter. Later he was elected to the RPRC Board of Governors.

Wilmer C. Fields

Wilmer C. FieldsWilmer C. Fields was an RCC Life Member, having joined RCC in 1959. He served as national president from 1966-1967. Fields was one of the founders of the international Religion Communication Congress held every 10 years beginning in 1970.

Les Garner

Lester GarnerLester Garner, an RCC Life Member, had fond memories of serving as president of the Philadelphia RCC chapter. He shared what he describes as an "anecdote of serendipity."

Nanette Geeo

Nanette GeeoNanette Geeo was a founding member of the current Dallas-Fort Worth RCC Chapter in 1967. She attended every national RCC convention from 1971 until her retirement in 1999. She served the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter (formerly known as the Dallas Chapter), as an officer and distinguished herself on the national level. She has been recognized by RCC's Board of Governors and honored with Life Membership in the organization.

Fred Gonnerman

Fred GonnermanSurely few would have guessed that a child born to a farming family in 1935 would grow up to be a leader in the development of the field of public relations in the church, but that is exactly where one of the Religion Communicators Council's lifetime members started. Rev. Frederick (Fred) Gonnerman worked in church communications and public relations for 36 years

Lloyd T. Householder

Lloyd HouseholderLloyd T. Householder, retired from LifeWay Christian Resources in 1992, after having been employed there for 32 years. When he retired, Householder was assistant vice president and director of the office of communications.

Everett C. Parker

Everett ParkerEverett Parker is one of only a handful of church leaders still living who commanded a position of leadership in the 1957 birth of the United Church of Christ and continues to be a force even today. But Parker is unique in his own right for his contributions to the public good. His reputation as an advocate for the public's rights in broadcasting is forever linked to his successful legal challenge to deny the license renewal of WLBT-TV, Jackson, Miss. In a landmark decision in 1966, a federal circuit court ruled that citizen groups have standing (the right to be heard and appeal to the courts) before government regulatory agencies.

Everett Parker celebrates 100th birthday

RCC gained its first 100-year-old member last month. Life member Everett C. Parker celebrated the century mark Jan. 19, 2013 (two days after his birthday) at his White Plains, N.Y., home. Longtime religion communicators J. Martin Bailey (retired RCC member), George C. Conklin (retired RCC member), Dalton Smith and William Winslow (RCC life member) joined Parker for the celebration. Parker, United Church of Christ communication director from 1954 to 1983, recalled his campaigns more than 50 years ago to force the broadcasting industry to employ ethnic minorities and women. (Photo courtesy of George Conklin.)

Roger C. Sadler

Roger SadlerRoger C. Sadler worked as a commercial artist for the Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church in New York City for twenty five years, retiring in 2000.

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